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By Trevor Campbell on 11/11/16 | Info

Welcome to Nudge Copywriting, a new copywriting service that helps businesses large and small to write clearer – and persuades their readers to act.

Please take a look around and see how we can help. Whether you need something written, or help with deciding how to most effectively get your messages out.

We’ve worked in most marketing mediums over the past 17 years – from websites to TV scripts to press ads to brochures. Our portfolio gives you an idea about what we can do for you: this is refreshed as we work on new projects.

Blog posts will be regular, so check back and see if there is something you may find useful. These posts generally cover practical ways to help your business – mostly through your communications – and common aspects of how people behave that you can use in your favour.

  • Pieces about how fascinating traits such as reciprocation, authority and social proof can boost your consideration from customers
  • Solid marketing and copywriting principles that still work hard across all media and new-tech-on-the-block
  • Mistakes – some I have made, some we experience others make and steps you can take to reduce mistakes in your business.

The tone may sometimes be a little light, but the points will always be serious. Because being in business demands attention to details that can make a difference.

Meanwhile, if you need a helpful nudge right now, please get in touch.

Nudge is part of VoodooVista Ltd, a marketing company I set up over three years ago. In blog posts and for my bio, I use ‘I’ (because it’s about me, or my opinion), but generally ‘we’ is used. Because a company offers more than the skills of one person – sometimes we partner with other writers who have specific expertise (eg, personal finance, aviation) or with specialists such as graphic designers and video producers.


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