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By Trevor Campbell on 02/03/17 | Copywriting


Many of us work for companies that genuinely do good things. Not on the level of saving the planet, yet there are usually elements of our products and services that are worth shouting about. But we often hide them – so it’s worth it to first, get digging and then, to grab your loudhailer.

Digging deep benefits your customers and you.

In sectors (eg, finance) where points of differentiation are not always immediate, unearthing the gold which sets you apart is critical in prompting people to choose you.

You may have lower fees than most of the competition, have research capabilities that are almost unequalled, investment pros living in more countries or offer extraordinary service.

Identifying these things is the first step. Then you must dig down to really show how they are better and how they make a difference to clients. Say it, then back it up.

You may indeed do nothing that sets you apart from your peers, but the fact that you talk about factors that matter to people – when others don’t – could easily tip the nod in your favour.

Digging and shouting also makes it easier for readers to decide within a sector. Because it helps them overcome what psychologists call choice overload. Too much choice (or similar choices) means we often make no decisions at all. (Think of all that money getting hammered by low interest rates because people can’t decide between money managers!)

All sectors, whether B2C or B2B, benefit from careful excavation. Many carpet providers brag about the 1000s of carpets in stock. So what? But if you say your chief buyer spent 15 years cranking a loom in Persia that could matter. Or if your rugs are 20% softer because of a special weaving process and typically last six years longer. Etc.

So the next time you are thinking of saying that you offer a tailored service, think about how much more meaning you could add by a little digging.

And if you combine the gold you dig up, with triggers that confidently nudge people to act, you could have a very powerful proposition.

Just get in touch to find out how.